Curatorial Statement

Public and green spaces are vital buffer zones in cities for those who long for poetic and idyllic experience to free their bodies and souls. Especially during the pandemic, such 'white spaces' provide breathing room for us and inspire us to appreciate the beauty of distance under the new normal, nourishing our mind, body and soul.

The philosophy of Chinese landscape design manifests a pursuit for spirituality beyond materialism. It is an art of creating fascinating garden landscapes with elements such as mountains and rocks, pavilions, ponds, arches and windows, paving, nature, as well as flowing water. The curating team borrowed artistic techniques such as xushi (void and solid), juxtaposition, dichotomy and inclusio to curate 7 creative sets as Chinese garden components. Each of them was inspired by Hong Kong's urban palette or Wan Chai's history and acts as a distinctive landscape element to collectively elevate the public space experience to one akin to meandering through a Chinese garden full of poetry harbourfront’s transformation into the epitome of new-generation public spaces and an icon of city resilience.

Hong Kong has more than once overcome plagues. Over a century ago, people who lived in Tai Hang performed the ‘fire dragon dance’ to drive away a plague. The rite later evolved into a world-known festive event and was named and rhythm. The works let visitors rest and relax, awaken their senses to the beauty and versatility of the public space along Victoria Harbour, and engage them in a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Created by local and overseas creatives and incorporated with ingenious design elements, the 7 sets of ‘transFORM’ design installations are placed in different corners along the harbourfront as if the fire dragon is embracing Victoria Harbour when viewed from above, blessing Hong Kong during the ongoing pandemic.

#ddHK Curatorial and Organising Team

*In response to the crowd and site control measures against COVID-19, the works of this design exhibition may be exhibited in different periods. In addition, the exhibition period of each of the creative works may vary depending on venue availability.