Curatorial Statement

In Sham Shui Po (SSP) we found Hong Kong. Seemingly chaotic, it is a place of beauty. Like the rest of the city, it is in constant change; but it develops in a more organic way where the old is kept and new things can happen. It has been quietly evolving from a working-class area into a culturally diverse neighbourhood; from a back end of manufacturers to a source of inspiration and imagination for creative industries. 
‘SSP_People’, #ddHK’s community activation project, celebrates the people of SSP. They are the ones who create the culture here. Culture is never static but changes organically over time. It is vibrant and diverse. Its composition tells us how people of different ages and races are getting along in the community. Together with the SSP community, this project aims to transform what is unseen but deeply rooted here into a journey for your senses, featuring the cultural diversity, history, design, and everyday life of SSP. On top of making physical works, we seek to create a sense of place to liven up the streets and living spaces of our city and invite visitors and locals to explore SSP’s history and culture. 
The visual journey starts at the junction of Boundary Street that marks the city’s colonial past. Our endearing furry residents – the shop cats – will lead you to explore SSP through their eyes, giving you a fresh perspective. Sets of informal designs and upcycled furniture co-created by students, makers, designers and shop owners welcome visitors to take a breather in local shops while getting lost in the dizzying treasure hunt through SSP’s hawker-bazaars and marketplaces. Visitors can rest in Nam Cheong Sitting-out area, weave in Maple Street Playground or exchange ideas with us in Nam Cheong Park among the installations we created with the community.
Through collaborative installations, walking/ cycling guides, creative workshops, public engagement and more, we hope to initiate collaborations across private and public organisations and bring together designers, artists, schools, local communities and other stakeholders as active agents in the co-creation. Together, let’s explore different ways to develop a better city
Guest Curator of ‘SSP_People’
Michael Leung

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*In response to the crowd and site control measures against COVID-19, the works of this design exhibition may be exhibited in different periods. In addition, the exhibition period of each of the creative works may vary depending on venue availability. 

Creative Team

Patricia Choi
Eileen Chan

Key Visual Design

Future Dept.

Collaborating Creative Talents (in no particular order)

Rex Koo
Kristopher Ho
Pak Pui Chung
Chan Oi Ying
Don Mak
Michael Young
Kent Leung
Eugene A. Birman

Community Collaborators (in no particular order)

HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
10 Stories 100 Pieces (Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association)
Project Futurus
Christian Concern for the Homeless Association (CCHA)
Hope of the City
Walk In Hong Kong
Runners Foods
Bo Wah Effigies

Collaborating Shops (in no particular order)

Wah Hing Accessories
Hip Yee Hing Embroidery
Alri Star Leather Factory
Kung Chan Cycle
Sun Nga Shing Umbrella Store
Wah Ngai Canvas
Yen Chow Street Temporary Hawker Bazaar (Pang Jai)
Wing Fat Store
My Book Room
Sunrise Photo Co

Special Thanks (in no particular order)

Coutou Wood Working
Wong Liang-Yih
Multicultural Outreaching Team for Inclusion (Hong Kong Christian Service)
THK Halal Food Kitchen
Aurora Leathercraft
Ka Wah Ltd
Oshin Laundry
Lin Shu Ling Herbal Chinese Medicine Clinic